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A light-emitting diode, short LED stands for "Light Emitting Diode, converts electrical energy into light energy, so it works like a semiconductor diode and in the forward direction light is generated by an appropriate doping an n-type basic crystal is generated The electrons migrate from the n-zone to the p-zone when a voltage is applied, and the electrons recombine with the holes, releasing energy with each recombination As the p-zonet has a very thin structure, the light escapes there.The perception of light emission takes place even at low current intensities.The light intensity increases proportionally with the current.Luminous efficiency of an LED has been drastically reduced in recent years white LEDs already reach a yield of up to to 200 lumens per watt lm / W (Cree December 2012). Thus, the light output of LED is higher than with metal halide lamps. The efficiency of LEDs is also positively influenced by their long service life of 50,000 to 100,000 hours. The lifetime of LED is determined by the failure rate and the decrease in luminous flux from the initial value. If LEDs are operated within the manufacturer's specified current and temperature values, total failure is virtually eliminated. The continuous decrease in luminous flux, which depends on the temperature loading of the photogenerating layer, is therefore the focus of the life-time consideration. According to the definition of the semiconductor industry, the average lifetime of an LED is reached when the luminous flux has reached half of the initial value. The luminaire manufacturer can decisively influence the service life by a favorable thermal design of the luminaires, the user can do this by using the luminaire in the operating conditions specified by the manufacturer. LEDs can be operated at low voltages and low currents. Due to the variety of colors, the small dimensions and thus the high flexibility of the modules, LEDs open up many new design possibilities in the various fields of application. Today we are talking about LED Lumen, the new LED Watt. Other significant advantages of the LED are the almost limitless switchability with immediate 100 percent light output. LEDs have a high current impact resistance, IR and UV-free light and a silent operation with low heat development.
Our goal is to make affordable for everyone with high quality LED bulbs in a variety of designs, for any purpose. Our product portfolio is designed not only as a replacement for the conventional bulbs but also for novel concepts.
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