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LED Strip Hight Power CRI

LED strips news generation with high efficiency and high color rendering CRI, color rendering index

These are our high-end product under the flexible strip lighting. An efficiency of up to 150 lm / W and from an enormous luminosity at 22 watts / meter gives these LED Strips 3300 lumens / meter and a very high color rendering of CRI> 85th These light strips are more efficient than sodium metal halide lamps but bring the benefits white light with a high color rendering index radiate. These efficient LED Strips bring correct light power and can by the constant current technology (in the products with CC) also boast advantages. Gone are the days to realize indirect lighting with mercury-containing fluorescent lamps. With the high power LED strips, these types of lighting easily done.

The farther LED strip lighting in our product portfolio are the LED strips CRI. These are in turn subdivided into the CRI> 90 and CRI> 95 strips and set new standards in quality professional lighting solution in the premium segment.
CRI> 95 as the light source, with this high color rendering have particular picture editors, photographers, textile processing, printing in multimedia agencies, fashion designers and other color critical trades are desperately waiting for. In these trades, it depends on a precisely true-color light in the room, so that a color distortion can be largely excluded in the consideration.
Lets be this CRI> 95 LED strips by quality LEDs with a narrow pinning and special phosphosilicate mixture on the chip. Add to that the constant current technique for application.

The constant current technique means Infineon constant current chips on the light strip, causes automatically reduces the current to the normal operating temperature is reached again when the temperature rises. That is now in this flexible high power and CRI LED, the current strip automatically regulated depending on the temperature of the light band. This constant current technology a longer life of the LEDs is obtained. Our LED Strips achieve with this LED technology a life of 60,000 hours and more. The usual method by means of the old series resistor technology is the effect different and can quickly cause damage and catastrophic failure of each LED at a high ambient temperature or in poor cooling. As a result, it comes to a premature failure of the complete LED light strip.
Newly admitted in the program at LEDKaiser are bending LED strips .The Unique zigzag pattern allows now using this flexible bending LED strips, bendable LED Strips, relatively easy to implement and the curves with a color rendering of CRI> 90th
LED strips of high power and CRI series set today new standards in professional LED lighting.

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